The Benley Acquisition

There’s drought and conservative politics in regional Australia. Fifteen-year-old Jason inadvertently gets involved in a fight between two bickering councils.

main street of semi-rural Australian town
main street of semi-rural Australian town
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Monday 8.50am

Fiona is at work first. Then me.


German Karl arrives. Then Boyd, the league player. He’s the manager. He’s wearing a nice suit, but with basketball shoes. No jacket. Mental note — trainers are okay.


We have a meeting at the wooden conference table. We all bring our teas. Fiona brings the bikkies.


Fiona phones Monica, gets her in and we start discussing the script.


Meeting’s over. Finally.

Wednesday 5.30pm

We’re filming the ad. Monica’s doing the voice-over, on location, at Farmer Kelly’s.

Friday 4.20pm

“I’m lovin’ it. I’m lovin’ it!” Finney’s pours himself a whiskey in the dark.

Tuesday 9.16am

I’m at Landula Railway Station.

Tuesday 3pm

At another big conference table, but this office is swish. I mean, fully swish.

Tuesday 4.15pm

Despite Karl’s fantastic legal background and obvious skill and knowledge, Finney makes the surprising decision to see a solicitor.

Wednesday 8.30am

“Why didn’t you bloody suggest that in the first place? What do ya think I’m paying you for?” Finney is jiggling his tea bag like a madman and throws the sodden wad into the bin. The white flap doesn’t open to receive it though, so it just slides down and onto the floor. I get up and put it in, wiping my hands on the tea towel afterwards.


“Only because…” she sighs. A long drawn-out sigh and no one cares to hear the answer. We just want to get inside and have a look.

Friday a week later — 6pm

People have started arriving and the hotcakes are selling like, well, hotcakes.

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