How to Get Media Attention Without Hiring a PR Agency

This is something I have strong feelings about.

Danielle Spinks Earl


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There is a right way to do this.

And there’s a clumsy, unethical, and ugly way. I want to show you the right way. (For the love of God, please do it the right way.)

A bit of background

I come at this from two perspectives. Firstly, from a Communications journalism perspective. At uni, we were taught ethics and moral philosophy.

Chequebook journalism is for the shock jocks in talkback radio for the largely non-thinking audience.

These days, journalists have to be multimedia storytellers. They don’t just produce text. They produce text, photography, video, audio, and graphics.

My other perspective is Marketing communications. Marketing is a discipline I love but it is much-maligned. Not unfairly. It’s a creepy and revolting profession in a lot of ways.

But in essence, there are good people like you doing incredible work to make the world a better place, and I love marketing because I want to help. As a multimedia storyteller. See where I’m going?

I help the media get good stories. I help good organisations get media.



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