How To Define Your Mission, Vision, Tagline, and Positioning Statement

These fundamentals help set your business on the right path

Danielle Spinks Earl


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Mission and Vision Statements

When it comes to Vision and Mission, many get these two confused, but there is a difference.

The Mission statement defines the business’s purpose and objectives. It should have a single objective and an active verb. Although not every company does, the best ones define a business and its purpose in one strong sentence.

MISSION STATEMENT: Relates to our primary business objective.

Examples: “To prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection” RSPCA

“Our MISSION is to create original, high quality, exciting custom print design for our clients.”

Good verbs you could use include:

  • enrich
  • enhance
  • vivify
  • invigorate
  • stimulate
  • solve
  • fix
  • fortify
  • cleanse
  • empower
  • thrill



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