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Doctor using digital tablet to inform patient
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Around the world, patient demand is pushing doctors into the digital revolution. But not without some complications.

Differences in consumer and practitioner perceptions

A comparative survey of how consumers and physicians viewed new technology, including smartphones, genetic testing, privacy, and patient-accessible electronic health records, found that consumers and health professionals differed significantly in their views of…

Philosophical breadcrumbs for my children about what is important in life.

person walking across mountaintops
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Life is confusing, heartbreaking, and beautiful.

My job as your parent is to give you unconditional love. And boundaries.

You will make your own choices, but these are breadcrumbs to help guide your way. For what it’s worth, this is what I think is important.

Always be honest with yourself

It’s going to happen that…

Every client has benefited from these little gems

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Don’t get me wrong. I loved doing my master’s degree in marketing.

Marketing has a great blend of psychology, strategy, and creativity. All things I love. You probably do as well.

But these standout books are practically worth as much as that $32,000 Master’s degree. These books, not textbooks, have…

Knowledge gives patients better health outcomes

doctor blogging on laptop
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There are many good reasons why blogging is good for doctors and medical centres. Here are seven.

1. Health promotion is a requirement of the RACGP accreditation.

Doctors are well placed to provide health information. They are often the primary entry point for people seeking assistance. The Royal Australian College of General Practice standards state:

By providing information in documents…

Use the Identity Prism for a Distinctive and Simple Brand

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I love branding. But it's not all about design. As the kid of a clinical psychologist, I appreciate it on another level. It is both highly valuable and almost completely psychological.

Let’s pull back.

What is a Brand?

In essence, a brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies…

Danielle Spinks-Earl

Writes about strategy, storytelling, messaging, and communication…Prone to bouts of fiction.

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